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Toro's 30" Lawn Striping System easily attaches to 30" Toro TimeMaster walk-behind mower allowing you to mow and stripe your lawn at the same time. It can be used with and without the bagger attached. All you need is a socket wrench set and 25 to 33 lbs of dry sand.

  • Create professional looking stripes and patterns in your lawn as you mow
  • Exclusive comb helps enhance striping
  • Easy to install and detach for storing
  • Use with or without bagger installed on mower
  • How It Works: This 30" striping system features a special comb that preps the grass before the roller rolls over the grass strands. The weight of the roller bends the grass down in the direction you are mowing. Healthy, well maintained cool season grasses such as, but not limited to, Rye grass, Fescue, and Bluegrass pattern more easily. Warm season grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia do not pattern as well due to their coarseness. Please refer to the Zone Map as a reference. Visual results may vary based upon health of grass, length of grass, type of grass, available sunlight and seasonal conditions. Toro recommends that the Lawn Striping System not be used when grass is dormant or is under stress due to drought or disease.
  • Simple Installation: The lawn striping system attaches in minutes. Read the 4 step installation guide and you'll be patterning your lawn in no time. All you need to get started is a Phillips screwdriver, 25 to 33 lbs of DRY sand and a funnel. Using fine dry sand will make it much easier to fill the lawn striper.
  • Create Vivid Patterns: The Lawn Striping System includes a pattern guide to help you create vivid stripes and patterns on your lawn. Virtually any pattern can be created with some planning and imagination. You can also view this “how-to" video to get started.
  • Impacting Your Lawn: The lawn striping system will not hurt your grass. It gently bends the grass leaves in the direction you are mowing. It does not fold or break the leaves.To enhance the health of your lawn, Toro recommends varying your mowing patterns or angles each time you mow.Do not use the lawn striping system on dormant, stressed or diseased turf.The Toro Lawn Striping System has been tested and approved for Toro equipment and should not impact the performance of your self-propelled system. If you notice grinding, surging or other unusual drive behavior, you should consult an authorized dealer for service.
  • Width: Roller 30" - fits most 30" walk-behind mowers
  • Weight: Empty - 13 lbs.



Roller 30 in. - fits most 30 in. walk-behind mowers
Empty - 13 lb.